My New Original Solo-Guitar Song Called “Memories”!


I’ve just uploaded a new video to YouTube.



It’s my second finished and recorded song (I have a few that are finished but not recorded, and a few that I’ve started recording but aren’t finished). I must tell you that I’m just as excited as you are, I think this is the best thing I’ve recorded so far. On this song I also got help recording the bass from a friend of mine; Herman Eriksson, he is a great bass-guitarist and a wonderful friend. His bass-playing even  stepped the song up a notch. I also got help designing my logo from another good friend, Adam Hedman Sörbye, the lead singer of the band “Smash into Pieces” which you can find here; !

Hope you all will like it and please share, rate, comment and subscribe!
If you guys help me we can make this a hit both on YouTube and Facebook!


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How Songwriting Can Be Easy


I have written a lot of songs in my life. Some songs ended up better than others, but every time both the process of writing and seeing the end result was so rewarding. I am writing a song at the moment and I am at the stage where it is more like laying a puzzle rather than coming up with ideas. I absolutely hate laying puzzles, but sometimes the picture displayed on the finished puzzle can be so beautiful. The thought of the end result is what motivates me to keep going until the very end, despite any feelings of frustration or tiredness that I may be experiencing. I do not know if the song that I am currently working on will be beautiful or not as I have only just poured the puzzle pieces out of the box, but I do know that some of the puzzle pieces are just so interesting. I will just have to put the pieces together and see if it was worth doing so.

I have a main melody, a chorus if you will. The main melody is catchy and tells the story well. I have got a longer melody that repeats itself a few times throughout the song. You may call it the verse. I also have some really cool and fast guitar licks and tricks for the solo. But I have got no bridge and no way of bridging the other parts together, so I realized that the puzzle is incomplete, a few parts is missing. Trying to create parts that fits in the puzzle is songwriting.

Often when I get stuck like this I just continue working on another song. I will not do that this time as I’ve got a good feeling about this song. So what I am doing is that I am writing a bridge and then I rewrite it, just to later rewrite it again.

Some may call this process boring when you are not inspired but I would call it being creative. You can not feel inspired all the time, but if you work for it, the the feeling of inspiration may strike you. For example, say I did not practice my songwriting skills whenever I was not feeling inspired, how would I then be able to catch the idea when I later felt inspired?
I do this so that those days when I wake up with a great idea for a song in my head, I won’t have to reflect over how I should play it or how I can write it down.

I do this crazy thing just so that one day, I will not have to lay this freaking puzzle, but instead it will lay itself.
Today is one of those days when laying the puzzle just seems to hard.


Please leave a comment and tell us what you do when you are feeling uninspired.

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Welcome to the Home of ErikEspangberg


I put up this website because I got some attention on my YouTube videos, so I thought that a proper home for me as a guitarist was needed.
I hope that people who like my music on YouTube will find me here too so that I can share my thoughts.

I will probably have things to say on a lot of different subjects but I guess it will be mostly about music and other forms of art. My taste is very wide so I think that a lot of people will find music that they like here.

Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome!

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