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Erik Eriksson Spångberg was born in Örebro, Sweden, on 8th of January, 1988.

He started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and it was at this time in his life that his interest in music was sparked. He also quickly grew found of other types of art such as drawing and sculpting.

He stopped taking piano lessons at the age of 13. Not because he had any lack of interest in music or in playing the piano, but rather because he felt he weren’t allowed to let his creativity shine during his lessons. He started composing his own music at this time and he continues to play the piano as a pastime activity to this day.

He started playing the guitar at the age of 18 because of his lack of interest in school (except for the classes in music and the arts), but also to silence a cocky friend of his who bragged about how good he was at playing the guitar. It was also at this time that he for the first time listened to Joe Satriani’s famous song “Surfing with Alien”.

After graduating from high school, he started playing in a band with a few like-minded friends. They called themselves Created Below. They had plenty of success at a regional level and the feedback was good.

Throughout the period when he played in Created Below, he still wrote music for his solo project (as can be seen on YouTube).

Erik is a self taught guitarist and he has always preferred to have it that way. He attended a few guitar clinics. One was held by Kee Marcello (Kjell Lövbom) and one by Jimmy Wahlsteen. He has developed his style of playing and his skill very quickly through hours of practice every day. His style is fluid and technically advanced, incorporating techniques such as piano-tapping, sweep-picking, legato-picking, etc. His music style has mainly been influenced by artists such as Joe Satrinai, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and bands such as In Flames and more recently, Skrillex.

His music taste ranges from classical to jazz to modern metal.

On the 15th of july, 2011, he released his first recorded original song, titled ‘The Journey’ which was a success and created a lot of discussion.

He still have song material for several albums that hasn’t been released.

His long-term goal is to share his music to more people and make a living while doing so. Therefore, now he is planning on moving to London, Uk. Once there, he will need to play lots of gigs, which is something that he looks forward to.
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