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Welcome to the Home of ErikEspangberg


I put up this website because I got some attention on my YouTube videos, so I thought that a proper home for me as a guitarist was needed.
I hope that people who like my music on YouTube will find me here too so that I can share my thoughts.

I will probably have things to say on a lot of different subjects but I guess it will be mostly about music and other forms of art. My taste is very wide so I think that a lot of people will find music that they like here.

Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome!

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  1. victoraleb

    I’ve been waiting for this website to get up. I will check in later when you’ve got another article published.

    1. ErikEspangberg

      I’m glad you’ve been waiting for my website to get up. I’ll probably post a new article very soon.
      I also want to congratulate you on leaving the first comment on my website.

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